A clean home can also be a haven for rodents

A clean home can also be a haven for rodents
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No matter how well you clean surfaces, wash refrigerators, pantries and cabinets, no matter how pleasant the smell is in your apartment or office, rodents can always start up. However, you should not immediately try to trap them or try to poison them, because you can harm not only pests, but also yourself. You’d better ask for help Pest Control London.

Why it is better to contact the rodent extermination service

To eliminate pests, specialists of Pest Control Walthamstow use dangerous substances – rodenticides. As a general rule, chemicals are prohibited from being issued to persons without professional training in the handling of toxic substances. If the funds are used improperly, there is a high risk of getting toxic poisoning. The most common victims of chemicals are dogs and cats that prey on rodents or eat the bait. It is not easy for doctors to make a diagnosis, because signs of poisoning may not appear immediately. In this case, an antidote is required to treat the disease.

The problem of using rodenticides

 The difficulty with using chemicals lies in their toxicity. Substances are laid out, applied to surfaces in hard-to-reach places for people and pets. At the same time, there is still a risk of spreading poisons by rodents outside the designated areas. Serious precautions are necessary in any manipulation with drugs. If there is a risk of poisoning, low-hazard substances are used in living rooms, medical institutions, catering units and children’s rooms. The most common are anticoagulants.


For the effective destruction of rats and mice, special knowledge, protective equipment and clothing, high-quality preparations are needed, which must be correctly selected. To exclude poisoning of people and animals, as well as the rapid reproduction of pests, it is better to use the help of professionals to eliminate rodents.