Carpets are now very popular.  And this is not surprising, because they create additional coziness and comfort in our home.  However, they need serious care.  And carpet cleaning Chelsea will help you with this.

What are the ways to clean the carpet?

Whatever carpet is lying on your floor, it collects all the dirt in the house anyway, so it is imperative to clean it. This means vacuuming at least once a week, ideally if you knock it out yourself a couple of times a year or take it to a professional rug cleaning, but it is much easier and cheaper to keep it clean on a regular basis, so the thing will last you much longer.

What carpet cleaning solution is the best?

So that the carpet is a decoration, and not a distributor of dust and unpleasant odors, now we will look at popular cleaning methods.

  1. Dry cleaning of carpets consists in applying granules or powders to the carpet. Powder granules absorb dirt and push it to the surface. The powder is usually scattered over the surface, rubbed into the product, and after a while it is removed with a special machine (or an ordinary vacuum cleaner).
  2. Wet cleaning. Its essence lies in the processing of carpet with a carpet washing machine using stain removers.
  3. Steam cleaning. Steam generators are used for steam cleaning. In this case, no chemicals are used.  Steam cleaners can only clean fresh stains, but they cannot remove old stains.
  4. Deep cleaning of carpets is used if it is necessary to remove old stubborn stains. Dry cleaning is carried out in a specialized workshop and includes several stages, such as removing dust, washing carpets on professional carpet washing equipment (cleaning with automatic brushes with a supply of detergent under pressure), rinsing with water and drying.

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Remember to take your rugs cleaned from time to time, as they can harbor a lot of bacteria.