Before cleaning the house, clear the building area

Before cleaning the house
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Before looking for house cleaners, this house must first be built. Before building it, you need to clear the ground in order to start driving in piles. And why are these piles needed?

In previous centuries, piles were mainly used in military construction, when some structure needed to be erected quickly and in any area. But from the end of the 19th century mini piling london began to be used first in industrial, and then in civil construction. People are attracted by the cheapness of this type of foundation and ease of installation.

A screw foundation is excellent for wet and unstable soils, areas with difficult terrain. If the soil has large stones, then it is not suitable for a pile foundation. In other cases, you do not need to clear and level the ground, or suffer with waterproofing. Usually piles are driven to a depth of 10 meters by mini piling contractors london, and each support can bear up to 7 tons of weight. If the house is made of light materials, for example, from a bar or porous stone, less powerful piles can be installed. For a stone house, we take stronger piles.

You can set up a medium-sized house on piles in just a day. You can start building the first floor of the house immediately after installing the piles. I have already noted the advantage in relation to the site, you can install a screw foundation even on any type of soil and even on a hill, the height difference will not be an obstacle.

The most important part about a pile is its screw tip. If it is made with high quality, then the pile will not be squeezed out of the ground when it freezes. This is very important if your site is heated and freezes well during the winter.