A clean and tidy house can make your whole space feel fresh and new. But how often do you really make the effort required to give your home a proper deep clean? Whether you’re moving house or just want to spruce up your home, getting a good deep clean can feel like a big job.

However, knowing how to properly prepare your house for a deep clean can take away a lot of stress and strain. We have a few tips on how to do this, so read on to discover more.

Decide how to do it

When doing a deep clean, you have to decide certain things. For example, do you want to do the whole house at once or do you only want a room or two cleanings? This could depend on whether you are going to do it yourself or hire a professional cleaning company. Whichever way you choose to do it, this will impact the cost and the convenience for you.

Clear out

Even with the best of intentions, our homes tend to become very cluttered. Before you begin your deep clean, you will need to have cleared out your clutter thoroughly. This means there is less to move around, and less to put back into place afterward.

It also means that you can enjoy a beautiful space that looks clean and modern, decorated with things you love.

Stock up on supplies

If you are planning to deep clean your home yourself, you will need to have enough cleaning supplies in order to do a great job. This includes products to clean the carpets, walls, and those pesky shower tiles! Be ready to clean behind the fridge and scrub your oven. This is truly a large task – so stock up on spray bottles, disposable cloths, and your favorite sprays to get a great result.

Move your furniture

One of the biggest barriers to a proper deep clean is your furniture. While it might be easy enough to declutter small boxes of possessions, or to put them somewhere else, moving furniture out of the way when deep cleaning is much harder. If you are London-based, you can store your stuff in self-storage near Kings Cross St Pancras. A self-storage unit is a great option for those looking to deep clean their homes, as you can put your possessions into secure, easy-to-access storage for as long as you need. Even if it’s just for a couple of days!

Spring may be over, but it is never too late to do a real spring clean! With these preparation tips, you can get your deep clean started ASAP, and be enjoying a clean, beautiful home before you know it.

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