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Are you feeling ambitious when it comes to cleaning your carpets? This rush of excitement can mean an undertaking which is way too large for you to handle well on your own. Sure, you will find carpet cleaning machines for hire at some home renovation stores. Knowing that these machines are available promotes the DIY mentality. However, carpet cleaning is one do-it-yourself adventure, which could fail during, or after the task. Here are 4 risks of DIY carpet cleaning shared by experts from

1. Overly wet carpets

It is easy to overestimate the amount of water you’ll require when carpet cleaning. While the tendency might be to assume that a lot of water results in a cleaner carpet, having an overly damp carpet can result in lots of issues. Not only can a lot of water result in discoloration and shrinkage of some carpets, but you might have to cope with an unpleasant damp carpet odor for a couple of days. It can also result in a mold issue if it’s not checked for a long time. An experienced carpet cleaning service will know the quantity of water to use for any given situation.

2. Using wrong water temperature

Steam cleaning certainly needs very hot water if it’s to work as it should. It is difficult for a non-professional to have an idea how hot the water should be. Using water that is not hot enough to clean a carpet will lead to poor results. Make sure to consult a professional for advice on how hot the water should be for your carpet.

3. Wrong equipment

You can buy or hire a cheap carpet cleaner from many department stores; however, it is difficult to know if these machines will get the job done. If you unintentionally hire a carpet cleaning machine which is too small for your house or one that’s just of poor quality, you’ll most likely be disappointed with your results.

A reliable carpet cleaning service will use expert-grade equipment, which is proven to work on all types of carpets. Cleaning your carpets with a store rented portable carpet cleaning machine is just like using a small, battery-powered handheld vacuum to vacuum your entire home. Such equipment cannot achieve the same results.

4. Weak carpet cleaning machine

A carpet cleaning rental machine is portable. If you need to carry it home in the car and drag it around your home, it should be manageable. Since the carpet cleaning machine should be easy to use, it will probably be light on power, meaning poor results, contrary to van-mounted professional-grade equipment.