If you have carpets at home and want them to feel and look cozy, there is a need in carpet cleaning. For sure, you can hire pro cleaners for this purpose. Still, some people prefer to have a carpet cleaning machine. If you think about buying one, here are some tips that will help you to make sure if you really need one.

  1. Before buying a carpet cleaner, you have to note that it differs much from a vacuum cleaner. It has a lot of details, though it is quite easy in use. Still, you will have to clean much slowly and methodically. What is more, you will have to avoid over-wetting the carpet. To make everything correct, do not use more than four shampooing strokes on a single section.
  2. Do not wait from your domestic carpet cleaner the same as you expect from pro carpet cleaner. Just note that such machines have relatively small water tanks, so you will have to refill the tank while cleaning.
  3. Ask yourself is you really need a carpet cleaner. Note that such machines are much bigger than vacuum cleaners so you will have to find some storage. What is more, if you have just some small area rugs, do not have children and do not have pets, you probably do not need such a huge and expensive machine at home.


  • Photo by Wioson JIANG on Unsplash

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