Professional carpet cleaning service becomes the best solution when you need your carpet to be extremely clean. Usually, people decide on hiring professionals when they have children or their carpets are light-colored. But to make professional carpet cleaning even more effective, we provide you with some tips. The information below will be helpful if you want to save time and to prevent accidents.


It is very important to purge your house of useless stuff before the cleaning technician arrives. You have to understand that professional cleaning requires the use of heavy hoses and cords that is why decluttering is initial. Anything on your floor can intervene the process of cleaning. So make sure that there are no objects as children’s toys, dog bones, and socks, whatever.


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The other thing to do is to clean your carpet with a vacuum cleaner to remove the top layer of dirt. Though it is not obligatory, precleaning will allow making deeper cleaning when the technician arrives.

Remove Light Furniture

Though hiring professional cleaners means that you will not take part in the process of cleaning itself, there are some things you have to do before they come. Generally, people think that hiring professionals mean everything included in the price. Still, it is not so. If you do not want your furniture to be damaged, you will have to get it out from the rooms where the cleaning process is planned. Carpet cleaning technicians are not licensed movers, so you will have to move everything by yourself. If you want to ease the process, just ask someone to help you. Furthermore, keep in mind that you will have to wait about 24 hours after the wet cleaning before you can get all the furniture back to the room.

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Protect Your Walls

As the process of cleaning requires using cords, you will have to protect your walls to prevent black marks. You can use some high-quality painter’s tape. It will not damage your walls and will leave no marks. Furthermore, it is easy to remove.

Lock Up Valuables

Do not panic, the majority of carpet cleaners are honest people. Still, if you have some expensive jewelry, portable electronics, and some other valuables, it is always better to lock them up so they are not broken.


When the cleaning-tricks technician arrives, make sure that your pets are contained. It is an initial thing to do because the noise produced by cleaning machines will frighten them. What is more, most of the professional technicians use truck-mounted cleaning systems, so your door will have to be opened during the process and your pets can easily escape their sweet home and loving owners.

If you follow the steps described above, the process of cleaning will provide you with the best results and will not take much time.